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chillichilli Medium | chillichillichilli= Hot | chillichillichillichilli = Very Hot | chillichillichillichillichilli = Extremly Hot
eggs = Eggs |  = Fish |  = Gluten |  = Milk | nuts = Nuts | shrimp curry = Shrimps |  = Soya | vegetarian curry = Vegetarian
All our Tandoori dishes use Pataks Tandoori paste as a marinade which may contain Nuts
All our lamb dishes are prepared with mutton lamp

Please ask a member of staff for more details.

Mixed Sizzler (for 2 person) (B)
Tandoori chicken, fish, lamb chops & onion bhajee
£14.50 Add to Cart
Shobzi Platter (for 2 person)
Onion Bhaji, Samosa, Paneer Pakora & Satney Chop. vegetarian currygluteneggs
£12.50 Add to Cart
Tandoori Mixed Kebab
£6.00 Add to Cart
Sylheti Lamb Chop Starter (B)
Highly spiced lamb chops marinated & flame cooked in a tandoor. milk
£5.50 Add to Cart
Ghost Paneer
Lamb & Indian cheese, cooked in medium spices milk
£4.50 Add to Cart
Endah Kebab
Whole boiled egg covered on spicy minced lamb & covered in a thin omelette... eggs
£5.95 Add to Cart
Shami Kebab £4.50 Add to Cart
Sheek Kebab £4.50 Add to Cart
Tandoori Chicken Starter (B) £4.50 Add to Cart
Tikka Starter £4.50 Add to Cart
Shashlik Starter
Marinated, spiced chicken or lamb or Indian cheese, onions, capsicums & tomatoes cooked on a skewer in a tandoor oven - Milk
£5.50 Add to Cart
Finely chopped chicken or vegetable pieces in a highly spiced dough mixture, deep fried - Milk & Gluten
£5.00 Add to Cart
Chat £4.00 Add to Cart
Samosa (meat or vegetable) £4.00 Add to Cart
(Chicken, Meat, Fish, Prawn, Aloo or Mushroom).. gluten
£5.50 Add to Cart
Onion Bhajee £4.00 Add to Cart
Sabzi Pitta
Vegetables cooked in medium spices with Indian cheese, semi dry dish. Served with Puri. glutenvegetarian currymilk
£4.00 Add to Cart
Satney Bora Chop
Mashed potato seasoned with onions & coriander. Covered with bread crumb. Served with garlic mushroom... vegetarian currygluten
£4.95 Add to Cart
Sylheti Chotpoti
Chick peas fried with finely chopped onions, peppers, coriander, garnished with chopped egg & a hint of tamarind sauce... vegetarian curryeggs
£4.00 Add to Cart
Avocado Fol – Fruit
Fresh Avocado half roasted & filled with very mildly spiced mixed fruit.. vegetarian currynuts
£5.50 Add to Cart
Mach Moza (B)
Oriental fish shallow fried in herbs & spices - Seafood
£4.50 Add to Cart
Pepper Grilled Salmon (B)
Salmon fried with chunks of onion, tomatoes, & capsicums... fish
£6.50 Add to Cart
Garlic Lembo Mussells
Mussells shallow fried in onions, garlic and lemon juice...
£5.95 Add to Cart
Tuna Bora (B)
Seasoned & spiced tuna fish shallow fried with breadcrumb...fishgluten
£4.95 Add to Cart
King Prawn Thorga
Seasoned baby king prawn, deep fried with spicy batter... shrimp currygluten
£7.50 Add to Cart
King Prawn on Puri
£7.50 Add to Cart
King Prawn on Garlic
£7.50 Add to Cart
King Prawn Butterfly
£7.50 Add to Cart
Tandoori King Prawn Starter
£8.50 Add to Cart
Prawn Cocktail
£4.50 Add to Cart
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