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chillichilli Medium | chillichillichilli= Hot | chillichillichillichilli = Very Hot | chillichillichillichillichilli = Extremly Hot
eggs = Eggs |  = Fish |  = Gluten |  = Milk | nuts = Nuts | shrimp curry = Shrimps | soya = Soya | vegetarian curry = Vegetarian
All our Tandoori dishes use Pataks Tandoori paste as a marinade which may contain Nuts
All our lamb dishes are prepared with mutton lamp

Please ask a member of staff for more details.

Baburcher Shifarish Chefs recommendations.

Sylhet Spice Masalla (B)
Marinated tandoori chicken, lamb, king prawn & whole egg in mince meat & a medium spicy sauce, garnished with fresh cream & coriander, served with pilau rice. Contains Nuts.. chillimilknutseggsgluten
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Jalfrezi (Chicken or Lamb)
A marinated, spiced dish in hot sauce with onions, capsicum tomatoes & fresh green chillies...chillichillichillimilk
£9.50 Add to Cart
Jal-Zala (Chicken or Lamb)
A very aromatic combination of herbs & spices along with Kali Mirch and Nagah chillies, onions, tomatoes, capsicum, coriander makes this dish extremely hot...chillichillichillichillichillimilk
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Murgh E Chahni
Pieces of marinated chicken garnished with almond, yoghurt & mango to give a fruity full taste. Contains Nuts..chillimilknuts
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Ghust Kata Masalla
Strips of lamb cooked in spicy herbs, simmered in a medium sauce, balanced with fresh ginger & garlic, finely cut & garnished with fried onions, peppers & fresh coriander...chillichillimilk
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Nawabi Murgh
Strips of chicken marinated in herbs & spices, with a touch of Yoghurt in a medium sauce with egg, onions, tomatoes & capsicum, garnished with fresh coriander. Contains Nuts.. chillichillieggsmilknuts
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Passanda (Chicken or Lamb)
Mildly cooked marinated chicken or lamb in a mild creamy sauce... chillimilknuts
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Chicken or Lamb Tikka Masalla
Marinated chicken or lamb in a special sauce with fresh cream & nuts...chillimilknuts
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Cooked in a dry slightly hot sauce with fresh green chillies & coriander with a tangy taste in true Sylheti style - Milk - Hot

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Sylheti Garlic Chilli
Chicken or Lamb cooked with fresh garlic, tomatoes, onion & green chillies... chillichillichilli
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Roshan Bagahri
Chef's delicacy of chicken cooked in a special sauce with fresh garlic essence. chillichillimilk
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Chicken Mughlai
Diced chicken breast marinated in herbs & spices with a touch of yoghurt & cream cooked with minced lamb. Contain Nuts..chillimilknuts
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Jum Paka
Chicken fillet stuffed with minced lamb and cheese. Served with a chef special buttery & coriander flavour sauce..chillichillimilk
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Tender pieces of lamb or chicken cooked with sylhets most treasured citrus fruits which adds a sour twist to the flavour of this wonderfully spiced dish...chillichilli
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Chicken Dengi
Chicken cooked with mushrooms & aubergine...chillichilli
£9.50 Add to Cart
Butter Chicken
Diced pieces of chicken cooked with butter. Mild spice in a rich creamy sauce. Contains Nuts..chillichillimilknuts
£9.50 Add to Cart
Chicken Makhani
Diced pieces of chicken cooked with butter. Mild spice in a rich creamy sauce. Contains Nuts..chillimilknuts
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Murgh E Lazami
Tandoori baked chicken with minced lamb cooked in medium spices, wrapped in a traditional Bengal style omelette, served with pilau rice...chillichilliglutenmilk
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Murgh E Shorisha
A popular Bangladeshi dish consisting of diced chicken marinated in a gram masalla and mustard sauce. Fairly hot and strong taste...chillichillimilk
£8.50 Add to Cart
Bangladeshi Mish
Combination of chicken, meat, prawns, whole egg & mushrooms spiced with green herbs... chillichillieggsshrimp curry
£12.50 Add to Cart
Astha Murgh £12.50 Add to Cart
Harsh Masalla (duck)
Sliced Roasted duck marinated in a special sauce with fresh cream & nuts...chillimilknuts
£11.95 Add to Cart
Harsh Kush (duck)
Strips of duck cooked in tangy sauce with onions, beans, capsicum, cumin & with a touch of sweet syrup...chilli
£11.95 Add to Cart
Harsh Zara (duck)
Roasted whole breast cooked in medium spices, capsicum, onions, tomatoes and lemon juice to give a zesty taste...chillichilli
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Barbecued lamb or chicken in a sweet & sour sauce with diced capsicum & coriander...chillichillimilk
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Shank Tarkari
Deliciously roasted lamb shank marinated in honey, tamarind, mint & fresh chillies. Exquisite... chillichillichilli
£15.00 Add to Cart
Shank Murgh
Lamb Shank combination with chicken, garden peas, onions, tomatoes and peppers. Spicy. Exquisite!.. chillichilligluten
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Khodu Ghost
Marinated lamb cooked in a flavoured sauce with onions, tomato, touch of naga chilli with butternut squash. Taste slightly hot...chillichilli
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Lamb Chops Bhunari (B)
Marinated lamb chops cooked with spice & herbs, onion, peppers, touch of fresh mint,tomato, ginger & garlic. (Slightly hot)..chillichillimilk
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Mangshor Jhol
Succulent pieces of tender Lamb cooked together with crushed mustard seeds, curry leaves, onions and coconut milk... chillichillimilk
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Sylheti Keema Kashi
Tender Lamb & Minced lamb cooked with garden peas, onions, tomatoes, coriander and green chillies, Taste Hot...chillichillichillimilk
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