Conventional Delicacies


chillichilli Medium | chillichillichilli= Hot | chillichillichillichilli = Very Hot | chillichillichillichillichilli = Extremly Hot
eggs = Eggs |  = Fish |  = Gluten |  = Milk | nuts = Nuts | shrimp curry = Shrimps | soya = Soya | vegetarian curry = Vegetarian
All our Tandoori dishes use Pataks Tandoori paste as a marinade which may contain Nuts
All our lamb dishes are prepared with mutton lamp

Please ask a member of staff for more details.

Additional vegetables can be added to dish – £1.00 extra.

Cooked in a medium blend of aromatic herbs & spices in a thick sauce with chopped onions, tomatoes & capsicum with a touch of methi & coriander...chillichilli
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Cooked in a fairly mild sauce with diced onions, capsicum & tomatoes, garnished with coriander...chillichilli
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Cooked with a slightly hot & sour taste with pineapple & spices in a lentil sauce creating a mouth watering creation...chillichilli
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Mirch Masalla
A very aromatic combination of herbs & spices along with fresh green chillies, garlic & coriander make this dish hot & spicy for the discerning palate...chillichillichilli
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Cooked in a fairly thick hot sauce, with fresh & pureed tomatoes, along with fresh lemon juice, garlic & herbs to make it a hot & sour taste...chillichilli
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Contains Nuts. A very mild dish extensively prepared in cream & nuts, also very mildly spiced..chillimilknuts
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Medium blend of herbs & spices, garnished with garlic, onions, tomatoes, methi leaves & fresh coriander to give a spicy but medium taste...chillichilli
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Cooked with a hot blend of our herbs & spices in sauce garnished with fresh coriander...chillichillichilli
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Very dry dish with freshly cut spinach in medium herbs and spices along with fresh coriander...chillichilli
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Medium to mild spices cooked with cream and banana to give this dish a fruity aroma...chillimilknuts
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