chillichilli Medium | chillichillichilli= Hot | chillichillichillichilli = Very Hot | chillichillichillichillichilli = Extremly Hot
eggs = Eggs |  = Fish |  = Gluten |  = Milk | nuts = Nuts | shrimp curry = Shrimps | = Soya | vegetarian curry = Vegetarian
All our Tandoori dishes use Pataks Tandoori paste as a marinade which may contain Nuts
All our lamb dishes are prepared with mutton lamp

Please ask a member of staff for more details.

Classic Mouth Watering Appetisers

All starters are served with salad.

Mixed Sizzler (for 2 person) (B) £14.50 glutenmilk 
Tandoori chicken, fish, lamb chops & onion bhajee.

Shobzi Platter (for 2 person) £12.50 vegetarian currygluteneggs
Onion Bhaji, Samosa, Paneer Pakora & Satney Chop.

Tandoori Mixed Kebab £6.00 milk

Sylheti Lamb Chop £5.50 (B) milk
Highly spiced lamb chops marinated & flame cooked in a tandoor.

Ghost Paneer £4.50 milk
Lamb & Indian cheese, cooked in medium spices.

Endah Kebab £5.95 eggs
Whole boiled egg covered on spicy minced lamb & covered in a thin omelette.

Sheek or Shami Kebab £4.50 

Tandoori Chicken £4.50 (B) milk

Tikka Starter (Chicken, Lamb or Paneer)£4.50 milk

Shashlik (Chicken, Lamb or Paneer) £5.50 milk
Marinated, spiced chicken or lamb or Indian cheese, onions, capsicum & tomatoes cooked on a skewer in a tandoor oven.

Pakora £5.00 milkgluten
(Chicken, Vegetable, Mushroom or Paneer) Finely chopped chicken or vegetable pieces in a highly spiced dough mixture, deep fried.

Chat (Chicken, Lamb, prawn or aloo) £4.00

Samosa (meat or vegetable) £4.00 gluten

Puri £5.50 gluten
(Chicken, Meat, Fish, Prawn, Aloo or Mushroom)

Onion Bhajee £4.00 glutenvegetarian curryeggs

Sabzi Pitta £4.00 glutenvegetarian currymilk
Vegetables cooked in medium spices with Indian cheese, semi dry dish. Served with Puri.

Satney Bora Chop £4.95 vegetarian currygluten
Mashed potato seasoned with onions & coriander. Covered with bread crumb. Served with garlic mushroom.

Sylheti ChotPoti £4.00 vegetarian curryeggs
Chick peas fried with finely chopped onions, peppers, coriander, garnished with chopped egg & a hint of tamarind sauce.

Avocado Fol – Fruit £5.50 vegetarian currynuts
Fresh Avocado half roasted & filled with very mildly spiced mixed fruit.

Mach Moza (B) £4.50 fish
Oriental fish shallow fried in herbs & spices.

Pepper Grilled Salmon (B) £6.50 fish
Salmon fried with chunks of onion, tomatoes, & capsicums.

Garlic Lembo Mussells £5.95 
Mussells shallow fried in onions, garlic and lemon juice.

Tuna Bora (B) £4.40 fishgluten
Seasoned & spiced tuna fish shallow fried with breadcrumb.

King Prawn Thorga £7.50 shrimp currygluten
Seasoned baby king prawn, deep fried with spicy batter.

King Prawn on Puri (or garlic) £7.50 shrimp currygluten

King Prawn Butterfly £7.50 shrimp currygluten

Tandoori King Prawn £8.50 shrimp currygluten

Prawn Cocktail £4.50 shrimp curry

European Dishes

Served with chips, mushroom & salad.

Sirloin Steak £15.00

Fried Chicken £9.50

Fried Scampi £10.50

Omelette Various £10.50 eggs

Grilled Salmon £12.50

Tandoori Treasures

Healthy Options (served with fresh salad)

Tandoori Platter (B) £14.50 chillichillimilk
Marinated mixture of tandoori chicken, chicken tikka, king prawn, lamb tikka, sheek kebab & lamb chop.

Fish Platter (B) £18.50 chillichillifishglutenmilkshrimp curry
Mixture of king prawn butter fly, tuna bora, salmon tikka, fish pakora & trout.

Chicken Shashlik £9.95 chillichillimilk
Pieces of diced chicken skewered with diced chunks of onion, capsicum & tomato.

Tandoori Chicken (B) £9.50 chillichillimilk

Chicken or Lamb Tikka £9.50 chillichillimilk

Grilled Chicken (B) £14.50 chillichilli
Lightly spiced whole breast chicken, served with stir fried vegetable.

Sylheti Lamb Chops (B) £12.50 chillichillimilk
Highly spiced lamb chops marinated & flavour cooked in a tandoor.

Tandoori Duck £11.50 chillichillimilk
Tandoori duck seasoned with aromatic spices & cooked in a clay oven, served with stir fried vegetable.

Tandoori King Prawn £15.50 chillichillimilk

Pepper Grilled Salmon (B) £14.50 chillichillifish
Salmon fried with chunks of onion, tomatoes & capsicums.

Paneer Tikka £9.50 vegetarian currychillichillimilk

Paneer Shashlik £9.95 chillichillivegetarian currymilk
Cubes of Indian cheese skewered with diced chunks of onion, capsicum & tomato.

Signature Dishes

Chicken Jum Jum £12.50 chillichillimilk
Chicken fillet stuffed with minced lamb and cheese. Served on a bed of spinach and green beans.

Chicken Baygan Bajha £9.50 chillichillieggsgluten
Exquisite Bangladeshi country fare tender pieces of chicken cooked with garlic, ginger, onions, coriander, fresh aubergine & tomatoes.

Chicken Dhaba £9.95 chillichillichillimilk
Chicken on the bone cooked with potato, coriander, fresh chillies, fresh ginger, garlic, tomato & onions a true typical bengal road side dish.”

Lamb Mirch Masalla £9.50 chillichillichilli
A very aromatic combination of herbs & spices along with fresh green chillies, garlic & coriander make this dish hot & spicy for the discerning palate.

Rangeela Khana £9.50 chillichillimilk
Widely flavoured goan dish of chicken & lamb tikka with fresh spinach, simmered in a medium hot sauce with fresh ginger & fenugreek leaves to add an aromatic taste.

Shank Zara £15.00 chillichilli
Marinated lamb shank in a medium blend of aromatic herbs and spices, onions, tomatoes, capsicum and in a butter sauce.”

Rezala Murgh £8.50 chillichillimilk
Marinated medium spiced chicken, cooked with onions, capsicum & coriander, garnished with shallow fried onions, capsicum & slightly hot flavoured spices.

Kebab Tikka Jhul £10.50 chillichillimilk

Combination of chicken tikka, lamb tikka & minced lamb balls cooked with green beans & onions in a medium spiced sauce.

Jalali Khana £8.50 chillichillimilk
Cubes of succulent chicken and lamb marinated in mildly spiced herbs, simmered in tantalising sweet & sour butter sauce, a touch of tamarind & a hint of mint, fresh coriander, cardamom & cloves.

Massallam £12.50 chillichillieggsmilk
Chicken or lamb tikka cooked with minced meat & egg, in onions, tomatoes & capsicums.

Sylheti Jhinga Morris £15.50 chillichillichillichillishrimp curry
Bangladeshi Tiger prawns cooked with sylhety chillies, onions, tomatoes, ginger and peppers garnished with fresh coriander and lemon.”

Salmon Delight (B) £12.50 chillichilli
Pan fried salmon is blended with our special spices & herbs, cooked with mixed vegetable, spinach, mushroom and a hint of mustard. Exquisite!

Sylhety Keema Murgh £10.50 chillichilli
Exquisite Dish. Cooked with minced lamb and chicken, coriander, pepper, onions and tomatoes. Spicy to perfection”

Chef Specialty

Baburcher Shifarish Chefs recommendations

Sylhet Spice Masalla (B) £12.50 chillimilknutseggsgluten
Marinated tandoori chicken, lamb, king prawn & whole egg in mince meat & a medium spicy sauce, garnished with fresh cream & coriander, served with pilau rice. Contains Nuts.

Jalfrezi (Chicken or Lamb) £9.50 chillichillichillimilk
A marinated, spiced dish in hot sauce with onions, capsicum tomatoes & fresh green chillies.

Jal-Zala (Chicken or Lamb) £10.50 chillichillichillichillichillimilk
A very aromatic combination of herbs & spices along with Kali Mirch and Nagah chillies, onions, tomatoes, capsicum, coriander makes this dish extremely hot.

Murgh E Chahni £9.50 chillimilknuts
Pieces of marinated chicken garnished with almond, yoghurt & mango to give a fruity full taste. Contains Nuts.

Ghust Kata Masalla £10.50 chillichillimilk
Strips of lamb cooked in spicy herbs, simmered in a medium sauce, balanced with fresh ginger & garlic, finely cut & garnished with fried onions, peppers & fresh coriander.

Nawabi Murgh £9.50 chillichillieggsmilknuts
Strips of chicken marinated in herbs & spices, with a touch of Yoghurt in a medium sauce with egg, onions, tomatoes & capsicum, garnished with fresh coriander. Contains Nuts.

Passanda (Chicken or Lamb) £9.50 chillimilknuts
Mildly cooked marinated chicken or lamb in a mild creamy sauce.

Chicken or Lamb Tikka Masalla £9.50 chillimilknuts
Marinated chicken or lamb in a special sauce with fresh cream & nuts.

Asar Ghust £10.50 or Murug £9.50 chillichillichillimilk
Cooked in a dry slightly hot sauce with fresh green chillies & coriander with a tangy taste in true sylhety style.

Sylheti Garlic Chicken £9.50 or Lamb £10.50 chillichillichilli
Cooked with fresh garlic, tomatoes, onion & green chillies.

Roshan Bagahri £9.50 chillichillimilk
Chef’s delicacy of chicken cooked in a special sauce with fresh garlic essence.

Chicken Moglai £9.50 chillimilknuts
Diced chicken breast marinated in herbs & spices with a touch of yoghurt & cream cooked with minced lamb. Contain Nuts

Jum Paka £12.50 chillichillimilk
Chicken fillet stuffed with minced lamb and cheese. Served with a chef special buttery & coriander flavour sauce.

Shatkora £9.50 chillichilli
Tender pieces of lamb or chicken cooked with sylhets most treasured citrus fruits which adds a sour twist to the flavour of this wonderfully spiced dish.

Chicken Dengi £9.50 chillichilli
Chicken cooked with mushrooms & aubergine.

Butter Chicken £9.50 chillichillimilknuts
Diced pieces of chicken cooked with butter. Mild spice in a rich creamy sauce. Contains Nuts.

Makhani Chicken £9.50 chillimilknuts
Pieces of sliced chicken marinated in mild herbs & spices, flavoured in a butter sauce. Topped with cheese. Contains Nuts

Murgh E Lazami £12.50 chillichilliglutenmilk
Tandoori baked chicken with minced lamb cooked in medium spices, wrapped in a traditional Bengal style omelette, served with pilau rice.

Murgh E Shorisha £8.50 chillichillimilk
A popular Bangladeshi dish consisting of diced chicken marinated in a gram masalla and mustard sauce. Fairly hot and strong taste.

Bangladeshi Mish £12.50 chillichillieggsshrimp curry
Combination of chicken, meat, prawns, whole egg & mushrooms spiced with green herbs.

Astha Murgh £12.50 chillichilli
Deliciously roasted whole breast, cooked in chef’s special sauce.

Harsh Masalla (duck) £11.95 chillimilknuts
Sliced Roasted duck marinated in a special sauce with fresh cream & nuts.

Harsh Kush (duck) £11.95 chilli
Strips of duck cooked in tangy sauce with onions, beans, capsicum, cumin & with a touch of sweet syrup.

Harsh Zara (duck) £11.95 chillichilli
Roasted whole breast cooked in medium spices, capsicum, onions, tomatoes and lemon juice to give a zesty taste.

Gustoba £9.95 chillichillimilk
Barbecued lamb or chicken in a sweet & sour sauce with diced capsicum & coriander.

Shank Tarkari £15.00 chillichillichilli
Deliciously roasted lamb shank marinated in honey, tamarind, mint & fresh chillies. Exquisite.

Shank Murgh £15.00 chillichilligluten
Lamb Shank combination with chicken, garden peas, onions, tomatoes and peppers. Spicy. Exquisite!

Khodu Ghost (Lamb) £9.50 chillichilli
Marinated lamb cooked in a flavoured sauce with onions, tomato, touch of naga chilli with butternut squash. Taste slightly hot.

Lamb Chops Bhunari (B) £12.50 chillichillimilk
Marinated lamb chops cooked with spice & herbs, onion, peppers, touch of fresh mint,tomato, ginger & garlic. (Slightly hot)

Mangshor Jhol £9.50 chillichillimilk
Succulent pieces of tender Lamb cooked together with crushed mustard seeds, curry leaves, onions and coconut milk.

Sylheti Keema Kashi £10.50 chillichillichillimilk
Tender Lamb & Minced lamb cooked with garden peas, onions, tomatoes, coriander and green chillies, Taste Hot.


Shobzi Passanda £8.00 vegetarian currymilknutschilli
Vegetables marinated cooked with almonds & fresh cream. Contains Nuts.

Shobzi Makhani £8.00 vegetarian currymilknutschilli
Vegetables marinated in mild herbs & spices, flavoured in a butter & cheese sauce. Contains Nuts

Matter Paneer Masalla £8.50 vegetarian currymilknutschilli
Green peas with Indian cheese marinated in a special sauce with fresh cream & nuts. Contains Nuts.

Shobzi Bihariee £8.50 chillichillivegetarian curry
North Indian vegetarian dish mildly spiced consisting of capsicum, mushrooms, cauliflower, potatoes, coriander & a hint of mustard.

Balti Lovers Guide

Each of these delicious dishes is cooked in the traditional balti iron dish
with its individual recipe & taste, our chef can also prepare the dish of your choice & combination which is not listed below on request. With chana, sag etc
£1.00 extra.

Tandoori Mixed (B) £11.95 chillichillimilkgluten
Tandoori Chicken, Lamb Tikka, Chicken Tikka served with Plain Naan.

Mixed Special £9.50 chillichilli
Chicken, Lamb, Prawn & Mushroom.

Chicken or Lamb £7.50 chillichilli

Chicken or Lamb Tikka £7.95 chillichillimilk

Chicken or Lamb Tikka Masalla £7.95 chillimilkgluten

Chicken Vindaloo £7.95 chillichillichillichilli

Keema £7.95 chillichilli

Prawn £7.50 chillichillishrimp curry

King Prawn £11.95 chillichillishrimp curry

Mixed Fish Balti £13.95 fishshrimp curry
Telapia, King prawn, mussels and prawns

Mixed Vegetables £6.95 chillichillivegetarian curry

Mushroom, Sag & Dhall £6.95 chillichillivegetarian curry

Aloo & Mushroom £6.95 chillichillivegetarian curry

Paneer Tikka £7.95 milk

Paneer Sag Jalfrazi £8.95 chillichillichillimilk

Sag Paneer £6.95 chillichillivegetarian currymilk

Vegetable Masalla £6.95 chillivegetarian currymilknuts

Sumander Se Bulayia (Seafood)


Zara Salmon (B) £12.50 chillichilli
Pan fried fillet of salmon, served with a tangy tomato sauce and lime, zesty taste.

Tilapia Macher Jul (B) £12.50 chillichilli
Telapia fillets and potatoes in and onions with blended spices & herbs.

Sylhety Sumar Masalla (B) £12.50 chillichillichilli
Fish in a hot & tangy sauce, garnished with green chillies, coriander & lemon in true Sylhety style.

Akhabari Machli Masalla (B) £12.50 chillimilknuts
Marinated fish cooked with onions & herbs in a masalla sauce. Contains Nuts

Tilapia Biran (B) £12.50 chillichilli
Fried fillet of Telapia, served with lots of garlic, chopped onions, capsicum, sprinkles of coriander and a splash of lemon juice and finely chopped spinach.

Garlic Seabass (B) £12.50 chillichilli
Pan fried fillet of seabass in seafood spices with olive oil on a bed of onions, tomatoes, lemon, orange juice and a lot of roasted garlic and coriander.

Jhal Risha (B) £12.50 chillichillichillimilk
Marinated Telapia fish coated together with onions, pepper, tomato, green chillies, crushed mustard seeds and coconut milk. Garnished with curry leaves.

Mita Modhu Mass (B) £12.50 chillichilli
Telapia fish cooked with butternut squash with touch of naga. Taste slightly hot.

Salmon Podina £12.50
Salmon cooked in special coriander and garden mint flavor sauce.

Shatkora Mass (B) £12.50 chillichilli
Fish cooked in a Sylhet most treasured citrus fruits, which adds a sour twist to the flavour of this wonderfully spiced dish.

Mix Shagorana (Noder) (B) £14.95 chillichilli
Mixture of seafood in our special marination of herbs & spices, medium taste with a slight sting in the tail.

Mango Seabass (B) £12.50 chillimilk
Pan fried filleted seabass in a mild seafood spices with olive oil and a touch of lemon juice, served on a bed of mild fruity gravy with mango pieces and cream.

Shutki Sheera (B) £13.95 chillichillichilli
A classic dish from the region of Sylhet, mixed Seafood cooked together with a touch of chilli, spinach, potato, rice and shutki (bombay duck) making this dish very aromatic and flavoursome.

Sylhety Jhinga Masalla £14.95 chillimilknutsshrimp curry
King prawns baked in the tandoor, extensively prepared with Yogurt & cream.

Coxbazar – Er – Jhinga £16.50 chillichillishrimp curry
Pan – fried King prawn cooked with bay leaves & fresh garam masalla & prepared with vegetable.

Sylhety Jhing La – Jawab £14.50 chillichillieggsshrimp curry
Tandoor baked king prawns, stir fried in a medium spiced cooked with green beans, tomatoes, fresh green herbs, prawns, mushrooms & whole egg. Medium.

Karai Specialities chillichillimilk

Medium to slightly hot taste garnished with tomatoes & coriander

Chicken £10.50

Lamb £11.50

King Prawn £15.50 shrimp curry

Special Mix (Chicken, Lamb & King prawn) £14.95 milkglutenshrimp curry
Chicken, Lamb & King prawn.

Duck £12.50

Thawa Delicacies chillichillimilk

Herbs & spices garnished with onions, tomatoes & a touch of fresh coriander.

Chicken £10.50

Lamb £11.50

Combination (Chicken, Lamb & Mushroom) £15.50

Duck £13.50

King Prawn £15.50 shrimp curry

Conventional Delicacies

Additional vegetables can be added to dish – £1.00 extra.

Bhuna chillichilli

Cooked in a medium blend of aromatic herbs & spices in a thick sauce with chopped onions, tomatoes & capsicum with a touch of methi & coriander.

Peaza chillichilli

Cooked in a fairly mild sauce with diced onions, capsicum & tomatoes, garnished with coriander.

Dalmasala chillichilli

Cooked with a slightly hot & sour taste with pineapple & spices in a lentil sauce creating a mouth watering creation.

Mirch Masalla chillichillichilli

A very aromatic combination of herbs & spices along with fresh green chillies, garlic & coriander make this dish hot & spicy for the discerning palate.

Pathia chillichilli

Cooked in a fairly thick hot sauce, with fresh & pureed tomatoes, along with fresh lemon juice, garlic & herbs to make it a hot & sour taste.

Korma chillimilknuts

Contains Nuts. A very mild dish extensively prepared in cream & nuts, also very mildly spiced.

Rogan chillichilli

Medium blend of herbs & spices, garnished with garlic, onions, tomatoes, methi leaves & fresh coriander to give a spicy but medium taste.

Madras chillichillichilli

Cooked with a hot blend of our herbs & spices in sauce garnished with fresh coriander.

Saguta chillichilli

Very dry dish with freshly cut spinach in medium herbs and spices along with fresh coriander.

Kashmire chillimilknuts

Medium to mild spices cooked with cream and banana to give this dish a fruity aroma.

Chicken £8.50

Lamb £9.50

Chicken Tikka £9.00 milk

Lamb Tikka £10.00 milk

Prawn £8.50

King Prawn £14.00

Vegetable £8.00

Biryani Specialties chillichilligluten

Basmati rice treated together with lamb, chicken or prawns in a ghee, with delicate spices & herbs, a risotto-like dish served with vegetable curry.

Sylhet Spice Biryani £14.50 eggs
Chicken, Lamb, Prawn and Mushroom served with Omelette).

Zhal Jhul Biryani £14.50 eggs
Chicken & lamb cooked with finely chopped chilli and naga flavour. Served with tarka dhal, khali mirch & raitha. Garnished with an omelette.

Chicken Tikka Biryani £11.50

Chicken Biryani £10.50

Garlic Chicken Biryani £11.50

Malayan Chicken Biryani £12.50 eggs
Battered pineapple with Omelette)

Persian Chicken Biryani £12.50 eggs
Battered banana with Omelette)

Mix Tikka Biryani £11.50
(Chicken & lamb tikka) with omelette.

Lamb Biryani £11.50

Lamb & Mushroom Biryani £11.50

Keema Biryani £11.50

King Prawn Biryani £15.50

Prawn & Mushroom Biryani £11.50

Mixed Vegetable Biryani £10.50

Aloo & Mushroom Biryani £10.50

Mushroom Biryani £10.50

Paneer & Chana Biryani £10.50

Sundries vegetarian curry

Accompaniments & Vegetable Main Dishes

Neramisha £5.50
Red kidney beans with freshly cut vegetable in medium – hot spices with onion, capsicum & coriander.

Mixed Vegetable Bhajee £5.50
Mixed & blend of freshly cut vegetables cooked in medium spices. Semi dry.

Mili – Juli Shobzi £5.50
Mixed & blend of freshly cut vegetables in slightly hot spices & tangy, slightly runny.

Bombay Aloo (Slightly hot) £5.50 chillichilli
Semi dry potatoes cooked with tomatoes & spices.

Egg Bhuna £5.50 eggs

Aloo Ghobi £5.50
Potatoes & Cauliflower in spices

Sag Aloo £5.50
Spinach & Potatoes in spices

Sag Bhajee £5.50
Spinach in Spices

Sag Paneer £5.50 milk
Spinach with Indian Cheese

Mushroom Bhajee £3.75
Mushroom with spices, onion & tomatoes5.50

Garlic Mushroom £5.50
Fresh garlic with mushroom & onions.

Matter Panir £5.50 milk
Garden peas in special spices cooked with Indian cheese.

Kabali Chana £5.50
Chickpeas cooked in special spices

Bindi Bhajee £5.50
Fresh okra (ladies fingers) cooked with exotic spices

Cauliflower Bhajee £5.50
Cauliflower with spices, onion & tomatoes

Tarkha Dal £5.50
Cooked lentils garnished with fresh garlic in pure ghee.

Dengi Anarosh Bhajee £5.50
Pineapple cooked with mushroom & spices

Aloo Mushroom £5.50
Potatoes cooked with mushroom & spices

Baygan Bhajee £5.50
Aubergine cooked with exotic spices

Green Salad £2.50

Naan & Roti Sundries glutenmilk

Plain Naan £2.50
Freshly baked unleavened bread

Sylhet Spice Naan £3.50
Garlic & coriander filled unleavened bread with cheese topping, chillies can be added.

Peshwari Naan £3.50 nuts
Sweet fruity filled bread

Keema Naan £3.50
Spicy minced lamb filled bread

Stuffed Naan £2.80
Vegetable filled bread

Chilli Naan £2.80
Filled with chopped green chillies

Garlic Naan £2.80
Garlic filled bread

Tandoori Roti £2.00
Light doughy bread

Puri £2.00
Very thin light fried bread

Plain Porata £2.80
Light bread shallow filled fried with ghee

Stuffed Porata £3.50
Light bread shallow filled fried with vegetable & ghee

Chapati £1.80
Wheat filled bread.

Raitha £2.50
Yoghurt with finely chopped onions & cucumber

Plain Poppadum £0.80

Spiced Poppadum £1.00

Chutney & Pickles £2.00

Chips £2.80

Rice (Chawal) glutenmilk

Plain Rice £2.50
Steamed rice

Fried Rice £2.80
Steamed rice fried with onion & aniseed

Pilau Rice £2.80
Basmati rice cooked with saffron

Garlic Fried £3.50

Dhaka Special £3.50
Rice Pilau rice fried with mixed fruit

Mushroom Fried Rice £3.50

Sag & Garlic Fried Rice £3.50

Lemon Fried Rice £2.80
Fried rice with onions and lemon

Sylheti Fried Rice £3.50
Fried rice with fresh green chillies & onions

Vegetable Pilau Rice. £3.50

Egg Fried Rice £4.50 eggs

Chicken Pilau Rice £4.50

Keema Pilau Rice £4.50

Special Fried Rice £4.50
Peas, egg & onions with Basmati rice.

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